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Water Tank Range


Basix Plastix water storage tanks are produced with 100% pure resin. These are made from only the highest quality polyethylene that has been proven durable throughout the world.

The high-grade polyethylenes are formulated for the purpose of water storage and are resistant to algae growth. The built in UV stabiliser is designed to handle the harsh Australian sun. Basix Plastix tanks are flexible and durable one-piece units that offer many years of hassle free service. The new design in the tank inlet acts as a safety device that can prevent the tragedy of children drowning in rainwater tanks.

The polyethylene water tanks are first-grade and are resistant to algae growth and do not react with the water in any way. They are available in all standard Colorbond colours.

Our rainwater tanks allow you to control your water supply and enjoy the economic and environmental benefits of great tasting, pure drinking water.

smalltankSmall Water TanksA variety of small rainwater tanks from 600 to 5000 litres.

  Large Water Tanks
Large capacity watertanks from 10000L to 23000L.

SlimelineBSlimline Water TanksA new generation of slimline water tanks.

  UD2000Underdeck Water TanksRange of Underdeck water tanks.