Before purchasing a tank it is essential that you consider various factors, otherwise you may be stuck with a tank that is not the right size or doesn’t suit your house. Below are some listed tips to consider to aid with purchasing the right tank.

1. Sizing Constraints

This is a no brainer, but make sure to measure out an area of space to fit the tank. Basix Plastix provides sizing on our range of tanks. Make sure to leave an additional 20cm radius where you would like the tank to assure taps, fittings and pumps can be installed. If you have limited space a slimline tank may be the most suited.

2. Your Water Requirements

Depending on the use of the tank, the water required may vary. For casual water use including watering gardens a 3000L tank will be fine but for showering, drinking and as a main water supply larger tanks such as the BP10,000l. Call us today and we can help you find the perfect sized tank.

3. Colour

Choosing the right colour to match your house can be quite difficult. Basix Plastix makes that easy with hand-picked colours from matrix polymers that look stylish on any house. All of our colours are matched to Colorbond roofing, tiling and steel colours. Visit our Colour guide page to see for yourself the colours we offer.

Water Tank Range