Site Preparation & Installation

It is important that before a  tank arrives to your address that you prepare a suitable area where the tank can be installed. Basix Plastix recommends a professional tank installer or plumber should install your tank

Below we have listed some steps to consider.

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Pump on House

Site Preparation & Installation Guideline

  • Tanks should be placed on a level bed of packing sand at least 100mm thick and retained 300mm greater in diameter to avoid undermining from water, wind or vermin.
  • Site must be solid and compacted ground especially if fill is used.
  • The site must be smooth and level, clear of all sticks, stones, rocks or any sharp objects that may damage the base of the tank.
  • Tanks can be placed on a level concrete slab with a smooth finish (avoid rough screening). The concrete slab must be level, reinforced and thick enough with a diameter greater than the tank to support the weight of the tank when full. If in doubt, consult an engineer.
  • Tank stands may be used but MUST BE designed by a consulting engineer.
  • A MINIMUM of 300mm flexible pipe should be installed after the ball valve tap to minimise strain to the tank and fittings.
  • Tank overflow should be plumbed away from the tank to eliminate possible erosion of the base.

Please Note:

  • Polyethylene tanks will expand when filled. Allowance for expansion is required when plumbing work is carried out.
  • Clean leaves & debris from strainer on a regular basis.
Tank Diagram