Delivery Information

Basix Plastix products are dispatched via a variety of methods including:

  • Our own delivery vehicles
  • Through Basix Plastix agents
  • Delivery contractors

To facilitate tank delivery it is important that there is site access to the delivery trucks.

For deliveries outside these Zones please contact Basix Plastix on (02) 4964 2212 or email us. Additional delivery fees will be required.

Clear Access

Most deliveries are made using one driver who is instructed to upload at the safest, convenient site on the customer’s property. How close this will be to the customers desired location is dependent on access and how many people the purchaser provides to assist.

You will need to ensure clear access with gates, roads, roundabouts, crossings and overhanging trees on your property, so that Basix Plastix tanks can be delivered without damage. If delivery cannot be made to your site – other hire and crane equipment is at purchaser’s expense.

Unloading Trucks

Pete our delivery driver will need help to unload your tank from the truck. Please ensure there are enough people available to assist unloading the tank at the time of delivery.

Unloading expenses to met by the purchaser may include:

  • Crane hire
  • 4WD tractor hire
  • Backhoe hire
  • Front end loader hire
Basix Plastix Tanks


Meet Pete

Pete is part of the Basix Plastix crew. Pete is our local delivery driver for the Hunter Region and ensures all our range of products are delivered and installed correctly at your address. Learn more about Pete and the rest of our great team.

Meet Pete, Our Delivery Driver

Number of people required to unload tanks upon delivery:

Product Number of People Required
600L 1 Person
1000L 1 Person
2000L Slimline 1 Person
2200L Squat 1 Person
3000L Slimline 2 People
3000L 1 Person
3300L 1 Person
4000L Slimline 1 Person
5000L Slimline 1 Person
10000L 2 People
2000L Lowline 1 Person
2000L Slimline 1 Person
2000L Tall Slimline 1 Person
3000L Slimline 1 Person
4000L Slimline 1 Person
5000L Slimline 1 Person
20000L Round 2 People
1000L Thintanks 1 Person
2000L Thintanks 1 Person

**This information is only a guide and may vary. Contact us to learn more.