Warranty Policy

Basix Plastix provides a 10-year conditional warranty on their range of polyethylene rainwater tanks.

This warranty is limited to any product faults related to workmanship or faulty material during manufacture.

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Terms & Conditions

Please note the following in respect to your warranty.

  1. Basix Plastix reserves the right after viewing to fix or repair products.
  2. The warranty is only applicable to original purchaser and is not transferable.
  3. We will not accept any liability for any consequential losses including damage to property or loss of profits.
  4. Slight colour fading may occur over a prolonged period and is not subject to any warranty claim.
  5. Warranty will be void if any materials other than water is stored in tanks.
  6. Basix Plastix will not warrant any damage caused by incorrect installation or rough handling
  7. Please ensure supporting base is larger than tank diameter, level, compacted, and free of any sharp protruding objects. All tank fittings supplied by Basix Plastix such as strainer and overflows are warranted for 12 months only.
  8. Damage caused to unsecured tanks will void warranty. To validate your warranty please keep your purchase receipt
  9. for verification and all faults must be reported to place of purchase within 7 days.